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We Got Started Because We Want to Make Technical Writing Better

Docforce arose from, and is a sister company to, Bard na nGleann. As a result, we have over 20 years of experience in sourcing and managing technical writers for multinational technology companies.

We use the proven skill set of our Irish operations and combine it with our global workforce. As a result, we can provide our services on a global scale.

We are making a positive change to staffing, consulting, and project management. Because of this, we can give smaller companies and projects access to top-tier writing talent on an as-needed basis. In addition, we are providing valuable insights through workflow management and analytics.

The Docforce platform is the first trial of Workforce Inc. With our vision in mind, we will build on and transfer this technology and processes into other areas of business such as HR, Office Administration, Accounting, and Law.

Create an online platform to give any company or individual the ability to access world-class technical writing talent on-demand.

Create a complete technology system for humans to excel and grow through a balance of automation and human improvement.

The Docforce Values


Enjoy the work you do, the time you spend communicating, and the problems you solve.

Love Learning

Technical writers help people understand complex concepts. Docforce is a learning environment. Share your curiosity and love of learning new technology, methods, and solutions.


We are all connected. Our actions determine our success and how we communicate with others can determine their success. Be empathetic. Practice this through better communications.

Lead with Change

Major changes start with people no different than yourself. The ability to change is within you. Lead yourself towards positive action to inspire others. 

Banish Bias

Nature is not biased. It just is.


To practice anything you must fall, learn why you fell and move forward. Systemize and automate processes to remove all obstacles, mental or physical, and become efficient.


Human development and business growth are equally proportionate. Practice consistent positive actions that enable growth to help your clients prosper.

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    We have offices in Austin, TX and Limerick, Ireland. Feel free to stop by anytime!

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    What Docforce Clients Say

    Working with Docforce for the last couple of years has been an absolute pleasure. Besides being some of the nicest people, they’ve delivered fantastic solutions on quick turnarounds in a fast-changing environment, including blogs, new and redesigned websites, and more. I’m especially excited to roll out the custom-designed solution to collect qualitative user feedback that they’ve been building for us. There is nothing that we’ve thrown at them that they haven’t handled with aplomb. I look forward to working with them more to create even more innovative enhancements to our technical documentation and user experience.

    Ryan Young

    Technical Writing Manager, Ripple

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