Blogging to Grow Organic Website Traffic for a Software Company

Case Study


Low Levels of Website Traffic

A leading tech and software company with a best-in-class solution that allows their users to easily capture, share, and diagnose website bugs was experiencing low levels of organic (non-paid) website traffic.

Without the time or the people, they needed a solution for getting discovered online.


SEO Blog Content

Content Writing as a Service answered their challenge.

Content Writing as a Service allowed them to set a budget and pre-purchase monthly content marketing hours from Docforce. Now, they designate content creation to Docforce to meet their business goals and grow their organic website traffic.

This allows them to continue developing their product and let Docforce take care of their blog content.


Increase in Visitor Numbers

Their development team now puts all of their effort into what they’re good at – developing products.

Every month their Docforce content creation team builds their online following.

The increase in the number of visitors to their website led to a surge in the number of active users of their product. In fact, a large portion of the organic website traffic now comes from their blog page.

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