Development Services

Software development, mobile application development, web development, software architecture, API development services.

Custom Development Services

Maintain your brand’s image with professional development services.

Quality User Experience

All development projects need to provide a great user experience. With that in mind, the Docforce team of developers complete every development project with the end-user in mind.

Customized Development Options

Off-the-shelf solutions often don’t provide the answer to the problem. With this in mind, we work with you to develop custom software solutions to meet your business needs.

Professional Quality

A quality product is a reflection of your brand. With this in mind, Docforce completes all development projects to the highest standards. All projects follow the Docforce Project Management Process.

Reliable Product Performance

Quality development leads to increased product performance. Additionally, our process and advanced tools ensure that we catch bugs, if any, before the product reaches your clients.

Access a Team

With Docforce by Bárd, you get the benefit of a full team of developers for less than the cost of hiring a single full-time developer for your business.



Security flaws expose sensitive information about you and your customers. Our team of developers practice only the highest security standards on all projects.

Project Analytics

The Docforce Project Management Platform ensures effective tracking of every development project. View detailed analytics about your project to track progress, budget consumption, and more.

No Hiring

Hiring a new developer is costly. With Docforce by Bárd, there is no hiring and selection process – simply tell us your requirements and we will assign the best developer to complete your project.


Scale Up & Down

Every business has peak periods and slower periods. With Docforce by Bárd, you can scale your team up and down as needed during your busiest periods. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Built for Everyone

We created Docforce to enable all businesses and projects to access enterprise-level talent. Get your development projects completed to the highest standards, in an efficient manner, at an accessible cost.

Latest Technologies

Technology is evolving every day and keeping up with these advancements can be costly and time consuming. At Docforce, our team of developers use only the latest tools and technologies. As a result, we can provide you with top quality development services.

No Restrictions

The speed at which you can get your product to market could mean the difference between success or failure. With Docforce by Bárd, you are no longer restricted to your in-house resources and can dictate your timelines as a result of our worldwide workforce.

All Languages

We’re multi-lingual! The Docforce development team are proficient in all of the main programming languages including Java, Python, C, C#, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, and more.

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency by focusing on your core business strengths. Your people need to focus on growing your business because that’s your strength. Development is ours.

Expert Development Services

Development as a Service

Development as a Service is a new way to get your development projects done.

First, you subscribe to the number of hours you need.

Then, you use the necessary hours every month and unused hours automatically roll over, ready to apply to your next project.

Professional Development Services on a Global Scale

Docforce arose from, and is a sister company to, Bárd na nGleann. As a result, we have over 20 years of experience working with multinational technology companies.

We use the proven skill set of our Irish operations and combine it with our global workforce. As a result, we can provide our services on a global scale.

What Docforce Clients Say

Working with Docforce for the last couple of years has been an absolute pleasure. Besides being some of the nicest people, they’ve delivered fantastic solutions on quick turnarounds in a fast-changing environment, including blogs, new and redesigned websites, and more. I’m especially excited to roll out the custom-designed solution to collect qualitative user feedback that they’ve been building for us. There is nothing that we’ve thrown at them that they haven’t handled with aplomb. I look forward to working with them more to create even more innovative enhancements to our technical documentation and user experience.

Ryan Young

Technical Writing Manager, Ripple

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