Let’s say it’s 1000 B.C and you’re looking to besiege a castle. We can all understand the tremendous human costs involved, assaulting the walls, building a trebuchet, not to mention the wasted food trying to distract the alligators while you’re crossing the moat! Not ideal right?

That doesn’t look like a fun moat at all.

The Trojan Horse

Obviously, the Greeks weren’t having much luck after a 10-year siege on Troy, so they took a different route; the famous Trojan horse. Legend has it, Odysseus and his 30 goons, hiding inside Bojack, were pulled into Troy by the Trojans, who saw the horse as an offering to Athena. They then watched the remaining Greeks sail away in defeat. Or so they thought. Once inside, Odysseus and the gang opened the gates and let the rest of the Greek army in, having sailed back under the cover of night. And the rest is history.

Odysseus’ ‘sneaky plan’ face.

Your Value to Customers and Clients

Now, we can’t be sure if this actually happened, but the story lends itself well to my credo. I look at every sales opportunity as a war – a war of value. Your main objective should always be to position yourself to bring value to the client by means of your own army. Consider the moment you’re able to prove – not just conceptually, but really prove the value of your product or service. The moment of victory. Always come from a place of pure value, and understand that everything you will do will be built from that perspective. If you’re thinking about the monetary return or the way you will be seen externally, you’re already failing. Know that what you’re doing will provide true value and advance the human race, become the horse and not the man inside, and every victory will be that much sweeter, and there won’t be a castle you can’t storm.


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