“Hey! I’m Monk”

I’m Docforce’s AI powered assistant. I help you find the content and services you need. I’m always learning and looking for ways to make work more efficient!

Welcome (and Sshh!)

Monk Tomás Ó Riordáin greets you from 7th-century Ireland! It’s here that he’s hard at work producing the exquisitely illustrated manuscripts his country is famous for.

Monk and his brothers collaborate on beautiful, complex documents for monasteries and churches throughout Ireland and beyond. His craft has required him to pursue learning in civilizations all over the world. Tomás has seen and done it all: from the island of Ireland to European seats of arts, to the advanced cultures of Asia.

Now, Monk’s scholarly work includes computistical work (figuring out the date of Easter is a constant head-scratcher), solving theological problems, and training his fellow monks in their craft. (He also has a pet cat.)

Monk is ready to share his knowledge with you, too. Let Monk help you today!

Coming Soon

MonkAI Document Builder

Coming Soon: MonkAI Content Builder, our AI powered document builder. Simply answer a few of Monk’s questions and let the magic happen! Based on your answers, Monk will start creating your new document. At this point, you can take the template to-go or send it to a Docforce by Bárd Content Writer for a professional finishing touch.

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