Monthly Social Media Hours

Social Media as a Service by Docforce

Effective Social Media Management

Social Media as a Service

Social Media as a Service is a new way to get your social media projects done.

First, you subscribe to the number of hours you need.

Then, you use the necessary hours every month and unused hours automatically roll over, ready to apply to your next project.

Benefits of Monthly Social Media Hours

Why should your business use Social Media as a Service by Docforce?

Immediate Access

On-demand access to expert social media managers ensures an online presence for your business.

Quick Turnaround

Built with ease-of-use in mind, the Docforce platform increases efficiency. Our process ensures quick project completion.

No Hidden Charges

Our Social Media as a Service model means  you only pay for the hours you use, and unused hours roll over month-to-month.

Streamlined Engagement

The Docforce platform has project tools and features to streamline social media management so you can get things done on your end while we handle your social.

Worldwide Workforce

With Docforce by Bárd, you get a worldwide workforce of experienced social media managers. As a result, we meet the needs of any company in any timezone.


Project Management

Docforce by Bárd allows you to easily manage all of your projects at the same time. In addition, your dashboard shows insights on project tracking, budgeting, and analytics.


Real-Time Collaboration

The Docforce platform has collaboration tools including Real-Time Chat and Real-Time Commenting. As a result, you can easily stay connected with your project team.

Customer Satisfaction

Social media matters. When you have good social media channels, you’ll notice a reduction support tickets. As a result, you’ll see an improvement in customer satisfaction.

A.I. Powered Analytics

Coming Soon: Our A.I. advisor, MonkAI, evaluates all actions within the Docforce platform. After that, MonkAI gives guidance to increase the speed and quality of your projects.

Monthly Social Media Hours

Always Updated

The Docforce platform provides regular updates, tools, and analytics. We keep you up to date on the progress of your social media projects.

We scale your team as needed to meet your deadline. We’ll look after your content marketing projects so you maintain your productivity.

What Docforce Clients Say

Working with Docforce for the last couple of years has been an absolute pleasure. Besides being some of the nicest people, they’ve delivered fantastic solutions on quick turnarounds in a fast-changing environment, including blogs, new and redesigned websites, and more. I’m especially excited to roll out the custom-designed solution to collect qualitative user feedback that they’ve been building for us. There is nothing that we’ve thrown at them that they haven’t handled with aplomb. I look forward to working with them more to create even more innovative enhancements to our technical documentation and user experience.

Ryan Young

Technical Writing Manager, Ripple

Managing Your Social Media
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Track all of your social media projects in your visual, customized software dashboard.

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