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Monthly Social Media Hours
Pre-purchase social media hours packages and use them as needed for your social media requirements. Our Social Media as a Service model means you only pay for the hours you use, and any unused hours roll over every month.

Social Media Post
An informational post of text with optional links, pictures, or videos, giving an update, announcement, observations, or other information, for a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Expert Social Media Management.

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Effective Social Media Management

Social Media as a Service

Social Media as a Service is a new way to get your social media projects done.

First, you subscribe to the number of hours you need.

Then, you use the necessary hours every month and unused hours automatically roll over, ready to apply to your next project.

Docforce by Bárd

Your on-demand social media department.

Scale Up or Down

Manage peak periods by scaling your social media team up or down as needed. No hiring, no resumes, and no long-term commitments.

Social Media as a Service

Monthly social media hours packages that you can utilize as needed. Any unused hours carry over every month.

Powerful Analytics

Get real-time insights into project progress and efficiency. Track your project budgeting. Forecast your headcount requirements.

Managing Your Social Media Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Track all of your social media projects in your visual, customized software dashboard.

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