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Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Every new blog on your website is a new page which gives you opportunities to rank in search results. Careful blog content planning allows you to target specific search terms to boost your rankings and show on the first page of results.

Demonstrate Your Technical Ability

Blogging allows your business to demonstrate and share your knowledge and technical ability with your customers and prospects. By establishing your expertise and authority, you can build consumer trust and confidence in your brand.

Increase Your Organic Website Traffic

Publishing regular blog content allows you to attract and increase organic traffic to your website for people who uses searches which do not include your company name. This helps to build your brand awareness and can lead to new business opportunities.

Convert Traffic Into Business Leads

Blogging is a powerful marketing tool to generate new leads for your business. Studies have shown that businesses who publish blog content experience a 126% higher growth in leads compared to businesses who do not create blogs.

Establish Authority

Creating blog content allows you to educate your audience in an accessible and always-on manner. In this way, you establish authority and become the ‘go-to’ information source for your industry.

Increase Your Exposure

If you provide value through blogging, search engines will start presenting your posts for relevant searches. You create an opportunity for your readers to share your content with their contacts and ‘go viral’!

Brand Personality

Blogging in a conversational manner allows you and your brand to create a voice and personality for your business. In doing so, people get to ‘know you’ and form a connection with your company.

Social Content

Have you ever struggled with content ideas for your social media feed? Your blog allows you to re-purpose snippets of information to be used in your social media posts and drive traffic to your website. 

Grow Product Demand

Your blog gives you an opportunity to highlight the features of your product or service. By incorporating your product into valuable content, you can generate new leads and increase demand for your product.

Create Value

Your blog is a tool to provide valuable information to your readers and improve their overall customer experience. This helps to increase leads for your business, and fosters long-term brand loyalty.

Generate Leads

Blogs are a powerful marketing tool for collecting customer emails. These email addresses can then be used in your marketing funnel to continue communication with your new contacts.


Reduce Support Tickets

You can use your blog to build out resources to answer your Frequently Asked Questions. These blogs can provide in-depth information on the topic, which helps to reduce the number of customer support queries.

Effective Content Writing

Content Writing as a Service

Content Writing as a Service is a new way to get your content writing projects done.

First, you subscribe to the number of hours you need.

Then, you use the necessary hours every month and unused hours automatically roll over, ready to apply to your next project.

Content Writing Services on a Global Scale

Docforce arose from, and is a sister company to, Bard na nGleann. As a result, we have over 20 years of experience working with multinational technology companies.

We use the proven skill set of our Irish operations and combine it with our global workforce. As a result, we can provide our technical content writing services on a global scale.

What Docforce Clients Say

Working with Docforce for the last couple of years has been an absolute pleasure. Besides being some of the nicest people, they’ve delivered fantastic solutions on quick turnarounds in a fast-changing environment, including blogs, new and redesigned websites, and more. I’m especially excited to roll out the custom-designed solution to collect qualitative user feedback that they’ve been building for us. There is nothing that we’ve thrown at them that they haven’t handled with aplomb. I look forward to working with them more to create even more innovative enhancements to our technical documentation and user experience.

Ryan Young

Technical Writing Manager, Ripple

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