Do you throw out documentation with every purchase?

Though past generations may think otherwise, the present has never been as inundated with wonders and marvels to improve countless lives and bring humanity closer to the stars than anything since man landed on the moon. Rockets powered by humans sending cars to Mars; a phone with the capability to run your life for you, with the power of a full-sized computer; a pair of glasses that can analyze anything, anywhere, at any time. These are the latest and greatest in a long line of incredible 21st-century technological inventions. But when people think of incredible technology, they rarely think internal. They never think of the minds that dreamed up and then built these inventions. But are these the best pieces of new technology?

How old is the human brain, really?

Many scientists believe the human brain as we know it evolved 50,000 to 30,000 years ago. That isn’t exactly recent, especially not compared to sending more rockets to Mars for exploration. And yet how many people truly use their brains for anything other than the immediate gratification of their basic base urges? Sure, it’s easy to reach for the chips when you’re hungry or the remote when you’re bored, but the human brain is capable of much, much more. Controlling blood pressure, controlling heart rate, and easing the symptoms of depression and anxiety are counted among the benefits of truly using your brain. Given these passive and active benefits from correctly and fully using the human brain, why is the documentation leading to these effects so often disregarded and thrown away?

So we lied a little. The newest, hottest, and trendiest invention isn’t actually new in any way, nor is it very hot like national girlfriend day. However, mindfulness and meditation are definitely trending right now. The first step into these echelons of the enlightened is reading the documentation for your brain. “What documentation even is there for the human brain?” you may ask. We’d love to hear what you think this documentation might be. Use the comments to join the discussion before we release our next article to discover more inner workings of your body and mind. What is current? What is myth? What helps? What hinders? Have you #readthedocs?

Katherine Reynolds is the Business Solutions Coordinator for Bardwrite N.A. and the Social Media Coordinator for Docforce. She has a passion for helping people and organization and enjoys working closely with others. If she isn’t in the office or at home reading and playing with her dogs, she’s out in the boonies hiking.

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