Reducing Support Tickets for a Software Company

Case Study


Too Many Support Tickets

A leading tech and software company created a best-in-class solution to allow their users to easily capture, share, and diagnose website bugs.

Due to the technical nature of their product, developers were spending a lot of time on support requests.

They needed a solution to dramatically reduce support tickets and get their developers back producing code.


User-Friendly Documentation

Writing as a Service answered this challenge.

This company could set a budget and pre-purchase monthly technical writing hours from Docforce. Now, they can designate content development to Docforce who makes beautiful end-user documentation to fit their end user’s needs.

Their developers now focus on making a better product, while Docforce manage their content needs.


Reduced Support Cases

The development team now puts all of their effort into what they’re good at developing their products. Meanwhile, the Docforce technical writing team are building a database of user-friendly documentation.

This company now has useful user guides and how-to guides that educate and assist users in completing tasks.

They were very happy to see the result of a dramatic reduction in the number of customer support tickets.

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