Enabling Writing as a Service in the Tech Industry

Case Study


Too Much Work,
Too Little Time

A leading web infrastructure and website security company, is working to build a better Internet.

Due to the scale of their operations they have a growing need for technical documentation. As a result, their two-person technical writing team quickly became swamped. Their backlog of technical writing projects grew as the team was focused on tackling the most urgent tasks first.

Without the time, budget, or headcount they needed a solution to get on top of their documentation requirements.


Staff Augmentation

Writing as a Service answered the challenge.

With Writing as a Service, they can set a budget and pre-purchase monthly writing hours from Docforce. This gives them the ability to scale their writing department headcount as needed. They designate editing and content creation tasks to Docforce and meet the tight deadlines for all Business Units.

As a result, they don’t need the long-term commitment of hiring additional staff to meet the needs of their short-term busy periods.


No Backlog

The two-person technical writing team can effectively tackle new writing projects on-demand.

At the same time, Docforce supports the team by providing additional technical writing services such as technical editing, blog content creation, end-user documentation, and developing content for their internal style guide for their business–all projects that were in the backlog.

Naturally, with more hands on board, they no longer have a backlog of writing projects.

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