Why Docforce?

A Better Way to Complete Writing Projects

On-Demand Access to the People Your Business Needs

We revolutionize staffing, consulting, and project management by enabling smaller projects and companies access to top-tier technical writing talent on an as-needed basis.

Additionally, our platform provides valuable insights through workflow management and analytics for more efficient project management. 

We provide all of the benefits of having a full team of writers without all of the costs, headaches and administration.

Benefits of Docforce by Bárd

The People You Need, When You Need Them

✘ No more valuable time spent searching through resumes

With Docforce by Bárd, you can eliminate the time and costs involved in the hiring process. Our team of writers are ready-to-go and are available on-demand to service your short-term or long-term requirements.

✘ No need to allocate time, money, and resources to training new staff

With Docforce by Bárd, you cut out the time and cost of training new hires. Our team of writers are experts at communicating technical information and are experienced in your industry. No learning curves means we can get your projects completed quick.

✘ No more long-term contracts with vendors or employees

With Docforce by Bárd, you can access our team of 400+ technical writers on an on-demand and as-needed basis.

✘ No paying for writers when you don’t actively need them

With Docforce by Bárd, you don’t need to hire and retain inactive writers. Instead, you can use the Docforce team of writers as needed, with no long-term commitments.

✘ No need for multiple tools to manage your projects and communication

The Docforce platform facilitates a centralized location for project tracking and communication. Say ‘goodbye’ to long email chains! 

✘ No long hours spent analyzing stats to try to determine project success

The Docforce platform provides a customizable, visual software dashboard to gain key insights into your project analytics. Track project progress against milestones and KPIs, manage and track your project budgeting, and analyze and forecast your headcount requirements.

✘ No need to rely on emails, spreadsheets and other tools to track project progress

Centralize all of your project management and communications in the Docforce platform.

✘ No more hire new writers or contractors for each new role or project

Get access to the Docforce team of experienced technical writers and consultants on an as-needed basis to meet your business requirements.

✘ No more working around the clock to get projects completed and meet deadlines

The Docforce team of writers utilize the Docforce platform to ensure efficient project completion on or before your target deadline date. Our team of writers are experts in the Docforce Project Management Process which allows us to execute projects efficiently, without compromising quality.

Managing Your Documentation Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Track all of your documentation projects in your visual, customized software dashboard.

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